S RajamS. Rajam’s paintings

The twelve chakras of music and the twelve months of the English calendar have been beautifully and artistically correlated by renowned artist-musicologist S. Rajam in a calendar brought out by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) to coincide with the Tamil New Year. L&T has further attempted to relate it to the “chakras of the mind, body and soul” by including descriptions of the chakra positions, as well as the colours and gems associated with them.

In his work titled the Chaturdandi Prakasika, Venkatamakhi expounded the mela system of raga-s. He gave an interesting nomenclature for the 12 chakras of the melakarta scheme to enable easy recall of the chakra number through its mnemonics. (Much has been written on Venkatamakhi and the …read more