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Sow a seed of music

The Oppilal School of Music and Fine Arts in Chennai presented a three-day festival of concerts and other events on the occasion of Kandhar Shashti Vizha in 2020. It featured performances by their students, and others. There was vocal and instrumental music, talks and short concerts by senior musicians.

The singer twins: B.V. Raman & B.V. Lakshmanan

When we are gratefully celebrating the birth centenary of vidwans B.V. Raman and B.V. Lakshmanan, I join the host of their fortunate disciples in paying my humble pranams to them. I was privileged to be a student of B.V. Lakshmanan for about five years when I was doing my B.A., followed by two years of Masters in Music.

Chitravina N Ravikiran as composer

Ravikiran is among the more prolific composers in Indian Music with over 800 compositions to his credit. About half of these are traditional classical pieces which include about 400 krtis, 30 varnams, 35 tillans besides javalis, padams, pushpanjalis, kavittuvams, shabdam, bhajans, chindus etc. Several of Ravikiran’s works have been presented by leading musicians and dancers.

Merging parallels

Every country, sometimes every region in a country, has its own style of music. Such exposure to varied genres of music during her Masters and Post Masters Fellowship studies at Berklee College of Music, led to the growth of Apoorva Krishna’s fascination for the concept of chords and the realm of harmonies in Western music.

P.S. NARAYANASWAMY – a great acharya

With the passing away of Sangita Kala Acharya P.S. Narayanaswamy, the music fraternity has lost one of its most valuable gems. Truly he was a great acharya in many respects, and in his role as a teacher he has trained many disciples and helped them to advance in their musical career.

A tribute to unsung heroes

Music enthusiast, philanthropist and owner of Arkay Convention Centre, Arkay Ramakrishnan, has been providing free, live concerts for most days in a year for several years, under his banner Madhuradhwani. Owing to the pandemic, music aficionados are truly missing the live concerts.