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Natyacharya Subbaraya Pillai

Born on 7th December 1914 to Sengammal and Chockalingam Pillai, Subbaraya Pillai, like his father, was extensively trained by Pandanallur Meenakshisundaram Pillai. After early training at Pandanallur, he assisted his father at Kalakshetra and later at the Indian Institute of Fine Arts, Egmore. Through his long career spanning several decades he trained many students — […]

Striking new notes

V. Ramnarayan Fusion in music involving Indian classical together with other forms, mainly from the West, has been a controversial subject in the music community over the years. Traditionalists may not appreciate or approve these collaborative efforts by musicians from different cultures inspired by the high quality of the music adhering to idioms other than […]

A friend for all seasons

R.K. Shriram Kumar Vijay is an exemplary musician and a wonderful human being, a real suddhatma. He strives hard for perfection and idealism marks all his endeavours. He makes sure that his music has been perfected before his well presented concerts. To ensure this, he puts in hours of dedicated practice and also makes sure […]

Akshara and matra

My friend and long-time co-contributor to Sruti, B.M. Sundaram, has raised the confusion prevailing in the minds of musicians as well as the public on the use of the terms ‘akshara’ and ‘matra’ (see Sruti Box, Sruti 283). The few books available on tala schemes add to the confusion and there does not appear to […]

‘Vikku’ for Sangeeta Kalanidhi

The preparation for next year’s Wimbledon tennis tourney starts even before the completion of this year’s championships. Advance planning and consultations are always helpful. It is not too early now to think of the Music Academy’s choice of the next Sangeeta Kalanidhi. The President of the Academy should not fight shy of a public debate […]

72-melakarta calendar

S. Rajam’s paintings The twelve chakras of music and the twelve months of the English calendar have been beautifully and artistically correlated by renowned artist-musicologist S. Rajam in a calendar brought out by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) to coincide with the Tamil New Year. L&T has further attempted to relate it to the “chakras of […]

The past and the present

Kalakshetra functioned from 1936 to 1963 in the sylvan surroundings of the Theosophical gardens, Adyar. There was an intimate relationship between the institutions run by the Besant Trust such as the Besant Theosophical High School, Arundale Teachers Training Centre, Montessori School, and Kalakshetra. Students and staff shared a common hostel, a common prayer, and common […]

Leela Samson; Bridging two worlds

As the Director of the Kalakshetra Foundation what are your priorities? Kalakshetra Foundation comprises the Kalakshetra College of Fine Arts, The Besant Theosophical High School, The Besant Arundale Senior Secondary School, a Craft Education and Research Centre including the Weaving Department, the Kalamkari Natural-Dye Printing & Painting unit, the Visual Arts Centre, The Bharata Kalakshetra […]

Rukmini Devi’s views On Bharatanatyam

“Few dancers either know the true meaning of the mudra-s, the mandala-s, etc., but learn the poses for the sake of effect. Just as the ancient South Indian bronzes were made to the correct proportion according to the Sastra-s, given for the helping of those who wished to attain the best results, so were rules […]

Lecdems at the Tamil Isai Sangam

The Tamil Isai Sangam is doing yeoman service to the cause of Tamil music since 1943. It has been holding the pann aaraaichi or pann research from the year 1949. Professor P. Sambamoorthy used to head the pann research sessions till his death, after which many other stalwarts presided over the sessions. For the past […]