Brothers on song

The Malladi Brothers are indeed a breath of fresh air when they ascend the concert stage. With their foreheads streaked with bright splashes of vibhuti, they look bright and sparkling in their usually pearly white jibbas and veshtis, their eyes taking in the audience in an intelligent sweep that seems at once to gauge its level of appreciation, its stylisitic preferences. They invariably radiate energy and grandeur even as they deliver the opening salvo in a brisk, bright manner that would have done credit to the Alathur Brothers, arguably the most spectacular duo in Carnatic music.

With their impeccable pedigree, Sreeramaprasad and Ravikumar are no doubt destiny’s children. With both father and guru devout students of a great musician/ musicologist/ teacher, could they have chosen a career path other than Carnatic music? Eclectic is a much abused cliche, but in their case, that seems the only word to describe the several influences that have shaped the siblings’ musical loyalties as much as their readiness to embrace art from different directions, with good aesthetics the only limiting factor… read more