Chitravina Ravikiran has been selected to preside over the 91st annual conference of the Music Academy and has been designated as the Sangita Kalanidhi for 2018.

I spent some family time with him at my brother’s house in Philadelphia and this gave me a peek into what makes Ravikiran the maestro he is. A thinking mind, relentlessly exploring some aspect of music, composing, tuning, conducting classes, collaborating with orchestra colleagues, the daily ounce of practice— both vocal and chitraveena—make up a day for Ravikiran, apart from the short breaks he takes to read his favourite novels or go for a walk.

Ravikiran is a rare artist who has had the good fortune of being with his art and practising it right from the age of one – a journey that spans 50 years. He is candid about the fact that any talent that he may have been born with was completely shaped and given a form by his father Chitravina Narasimhan, a genius who “creates” prodigies. According to him, no child has a choice at that age. It is the parents who make the choice for a child and lead him on a particular path, and every normal child is born with some music in him or her… read more