Debate – of microphones and acoustics

Who amongst us has not been at a concert where the singer kept on asking the sound engineer to adjust the volume? Worse yet, I remember one or two concerts marred by repeated tweaking of the sound system throughout.

The frequency with which such issues come up means that I often hear such questions as “Is the reason many a vidwan is constantly asking the sound to be turned up due to hearing damage from ever-louder kutcheris?” or even “Is this volume-induced damage the reason that some artists don’t know when they go off-key?”

Natural concerts

More than once I have found myself wishing for the days of yore when concerts were natural, presented without any microphones. Luckily this last year I had an opportunity to attend a number of concerts in such a setting under the auspices of Dhvani India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio in Columbus. To be fair, these concerts were not without their share of initial hiccups but on the whole, they have led me to a greater appreciation of the need for such concerts… read more