Vijay SivaR.K. Shriram Kumar

Vijay is an exemplary musician and a wonderful human being, a real suddhatma. He strives hard for perfection and idealism marks all his endeavours. He makes sure that his music has been perfected before his well presented concerts. To ensure this, he puts in hours of dedicated practice and also makes sure his accompanists coordinate well with him. He plans all his concerts to suit the occasion, place, duration, and accompanists. He prepares a list for the concert well in advance, informs his accompanists about it, enables them to master the songs by organising a few practice sessions or by sending them tapes. For him, the success of the concert depends on all of them putting in their best efforts and presenting it with a unified frame of mind. The audience should be respected and the music presented to them should be of a high calibre, a complete team effort …read more