J. Venkataraman: an accomplished teacher

J. VenkataramanIf performing musicians are the superstructure, those who mould them are the foundation. J. Venkatraman (JV) is one such accomplished guru. The Music Academy will confer the title Sangita Kala Acharya on him this season.

Rhythm can be said to be JV’s musical USP, just as the Alathur Brothers came to be identified with their laya excellence and their hard work in that aspect of music at a time when Madurai Mani Iyer was renowned for his quietude, Chembai for his bright singing and GNB for his innovations. JV too has put in enormous effort in perfecting rhythm. He can effortlessly render the most complicated tight-rope walking in swara permutations. Living on at Tiruchi, not moving to Chennai in search of concert opportunities, he has trained pupils for nearly sixty years. One of his prominent disciples is Pradeep Kumar, a rising prospect in the kutcheri scene …more