My father, my guru – Sriranjani Santhanagopalan

Sriranjani Santhanagopalan

How does it feel to have your father as your music guru and mentor?

It has been truly fascinating being in the presence of such a great musician. It is like having a musical encyclopedia with you all the time.

Had he already established his school by the time you were born?

Yes, my father had already established a music school named “Gurukripa” that had around 50 students. It has grown and is now known as the “Neyveli Gurukulam”.

Describe the milieu at home. Was it like a gurukulam – growing up with both parents involved in music?

It was indeed like growing up in a gurukulam. Not only were my parents involved in music, but I was also drawn into teaching from a very young age. One of the biggest perks about having music in your household is that you get to observe and learn the nuances of being a performer and a teacher at the same time. What you can learn from ten years of formal training can be achieved by two years of intense kelvi gnanam (listening experience) and gurukulam.

How would you describe your mother’s role in the musical progress of Neyveli Sir, of you, and now your brother?

My mother is the glue that holds this musical household together. To care for the needs of two busy, full-time, travelling musicians and a school-going teenager who is a part-time musician is no mean task and she does it with utmost poise and grace. She is a true inspiration… read more