Raga Dhana of Udupi turns 25

Ranjani HebbarThe number of Carnatic music performers on AIR Mangalore in 1988-89 was barely a dozen. Udupi perhaps boasted only a couple of Carnatic musicians, while of Hindustani musicians, there were none. We had to import artists from across the Western Ghats. The remuneration and the travelling expenses would swell to a grand sum and few organisers could invite and look after such artists. The people here had no folk art except Yakshagana. They were busy in banking or agriculture or fetching good marks in examinations so that they could earn a fortune. Classical artists learnt and without competing with anybody found solace for their souls and comfort elsewhere. They did not dare to settle in their hometown, as it never catered to their interests. Hundreds of years passed by in this manner. The west coast of Karnataka was a veritable ‘wasteland’ for classical music… read more