RAMA KAUSALYA – Transforming young lives through art

Dr. Rama Kausalya, set to receive the Musicologist Award from the Music Academy, Madras this season, is a musician, teacher, musicologist and propagator of culture and traditional values. A model of selflessness, she devotes all her time to inspire and transform lives in rural Tanjavur through music and other arts. She hails from Tillaisthanam, near Tiruvaiyaru, a village known for its music and musical lineage. Kausalya’s grandmother was a disciple of Panchu Bhagavatar – ……….. along with Narasimha Bhagavatar, ……….. one of the Tillaisthanam Brothers, who were Tillaisthanam Rama Iyengar’s prime sishyas.

RAMA KAUSALYA - Transforming young lives through artBorn to N. Ramachandran and Rukmini on 28 May 1949, Kausalya belongs to the Jatavallabhar family of Tillaisthanam. From her childhood she has been a voracious reader and equally interested in the theory and practice of music, leading to her becoming a musicologist. A scholar par excellence, she propagates music holistically through her Marabu Foundation, which aims to promote peace and harmony through the fine arts, literature and traditional arts. Conducting workshops and classes free of cost, she has through her foundation, ………………….. shattered the barriers associated with caste in her hometown.

The Marabu Foundation has been the local partner in organising the Sacred Music Festival in a very aesthetic way in Tiruvaiyaru in collaboration with the Prakriti Foundation, Chennai and INTACH. A former senate member of the Bharathidasan University, Kausalya has also served as a member of the Advisory Committee of All India Radio, Tiruchi …read more