S Rajam – He was unique

S Rajam - He was unique

R. Vedavalli
(Veteran Carnatic musician and guru)

S Rajam always seemed to have a lot of time because he never wasted his time or that of others. Punctuality was a remarkable trait with him. During his spare time in All India Radio he would be reading reference books and jotting down notes in a diary—for a painting or for a musical drama he was planning to record.

Even at his Mylapore home we would find him painting at his desk. If he was busy teaching or planning a programme, he would politely ask us to wait and then devote his full attention to us and share his valuable inputs.

Working with him in All India Radio was a pleasure. While dealing with fellow musicians he was always to the point and never digressed from the job at hand. He tuned Sadasiva Brahmendra’s Sarvam brahmamayam in Madhuvanti. Voleti Venkateswarlu heard it and liked it so much that he called me to AIR-Vijayawada and recorded it for broadcast. Voleti was really effusive about the felicity with which Rajam had handled the composition and repeatedly appreciated the swarasthana suddham of Rajam’s style of singing… read more