At a panel discussion during the phase where interest in instrumental Music Forum, which focussed only December season, musicians spoke concerts is waning. Sruti spoke to on music instruments—their history, about the recent trends which several instrumentalists and all of playing styles and pointers on how have had a considerable impact on them consistently expressed the to appreciate instrumental music. Carnatic music like social media view that instrumental music outside How do we kindle more interest in and advent of digital gurus (such Chennai enjoyed better audience instrumental music? Sruti’s correspondent as YouTube). While analysing the and appreciation! Perhaps it is time V. KARPAGALAKSHMI spoke to some of pros and cons, one ‘not so positive’ for organisers and musicians to find the leading instrumentalists like Lalgudi development that was discussed was new ways of attracting audiences to Vijayalakshmi and Akkarai Sisters the dwindling interest of rasikas instrumental kutcheris in Chennai. (violin), J.A. Jayanth and Sikkil Mala in instrumental music. Carnatic Sruti recently conducted a two-day (flute) and some percussionists too. music seems to be going through a lecture demonstration series with Here are excerpts from the interviews… read more