Trichur V. Ramachandran

Trichur RamachandranA proud disciple of GNB

Trichur Ramachandran’s striking features, crisply ironed clothes, bright eyes and dignified bearing evoke memories of a bygone era of regal presences. He seems to barely pause to think when he speaks, yet he speaks as if he were reading off a script, with his ideas well-formed, his voice clear, and his delivery near-perfect. Speaking of his guru G.N. Balasubramanian, he says, “He was in the music field, but he had the bearing of an officer. Like a minister or something,” cheekily adding, “a minister of those days.” You could say the same about Ramachandran.

Ramachandran’s music resembles GNB’s music more than the music of any other GNB disciple does. When he moved to Madras to learn from the master, Ramachandran lived in a humble room, but spent most of his time at his guru’s house. “It was like gurukulavasam,” he says. “He made me sit next to him, and we had our meals together.” …more