The TRS I knew

TRSDeath has removed from the music scene the colourful figure that was T.R. Subramanyam, the musician known to all as TRS. His 84 years did not dim his zest for life, cheerfulness and spontaneity. Crippled physically by age and a stroke, and having undergone a hip replacement surgery, he could still be seen almost every day in a concert hall in the city. The performer in the concert might be a novice but at the end of the programme he or she would receive warm appreciation from him. Most youngsters he listened to were not known to him personally, but this did not matter to him in the least. A few select rasikas and I have shared the first row in sabhas with him on many occasions and his standard joke was “Inda row mahanubhavulu” (this row is for greats).

It is difficult to find another person with his warmth and generosity. Many are the Carnatic musicians he introduced in the north during his long innings in Delhi University …more