Ado Paar Thambi

Children are naturally attracted to the languages around them and absorb languages effortlessly into themselves. Music is one such language. We try to offer languages to the children in Montessori school in the clearest form. We model for them the best, richest language we possibly can giving great importance to the spoken mode – we use stories, poems, songs and clear well pronounced normal speech. We know that children use this exposure to build their own language. We also help children through language to strengthen their understanding of their own environment. So many of the songs we sing in a Montessori environment are about things that children already know – a toothbrush, a butterfly, an umbrella, a cupboard. As Montessori teachers we search for such songs – often turning away from traditional nursery rhymes as they do not suit our purpose of helping children further a contact with the environment. So from the time I started working with children 10 years ago I have collected such songs and sung them with the children.

We gratefully acknowledge Indian Montessori Foundation for giving us permission to share these recordings.