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The very thought of S. Rajam makes me emotional. It reminds me of his benevolence and all the time I spent with him. S. Rajam was a great human being, many of us know, but I shall confine myself in this article to an analysis of his musical style and contributions.
In the quest for Rama

In the quest for Rama

Malladi Ramakrishna Sastri pointed out the path and Arudra whipped me along, with corrections, suggestions, and yes, admonitions. Many other men too, authorities in their fields, led me up to a higher storey.
S Rajam - He was unique

S Rajam - He was unique

S Rajam always seemed to have a lot of time because he never wasted his time or that of others. Punctuality was a remarkable trait with him. During his spare time in All India Radio he would be reading reference books and jotting down notes in a diary—for a painting or for a musical drama he was planning to record.

Dhvani seeks to engage a Carnatic Music Teacher to teach Carnatic singing to students. BS in Music + 2 years experience teaching carnatic singing.

Jobsite: Worthington, Ohio.
Mail resume to:
Dhvani India Performing Arts Society
PO Box 986 Worthington OH 43085

Welcome to Dhvani India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio. Our focus is art as education, entertainment as well as a way of enriching our lives. Become a founding annual member of Dhvani. We have a number of membership options with benefits and budgets for every family. If your child is learning Carnatic Music or Bharata Natyam you will find many reasons to join. The best artists, top performances in intimate settings, workshops and interactive experiences. This is Dhvani. Join and help make our community rich with diverse cultural experiences…read more

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