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A first-generation performing artist, Amritha Murali, born on 16 July 1982 to Rama and G. Murali, is an established vocalist and an accomplished violinist. Amritha continued to do both comfortably until recently when she decided to concentrate on her solo performances as a vocalist and also to resolve this identity crisis of whether she is a violinist or vocalist.
Maha Vaidyanatha Sivan


The Melaragamalika is a masterpiece and one of the longest compositions in the repertoire of Carnatic music. Though the Ragatalamalika of Ramaswami Dikshitar is popularly known as the ‘108 Ragatalamalika’, only 62 raga sections of that composition are available to us today.
Western influence on Indian music

Western influence on Indian music

The classical music of the West has influenced our musical culture, although it may not have done so in ways and on a scale easily comprehensible to us. The four broad areas in which the Western influence manifests itself are: (1) the two systems of classical music namely, Hindustani and Carnatic, (2) film and light music (sugam sangeet), (3) commercial TV advertising and (4) music education.

Dhvani Music School

Welcome to Dhvani India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio. Our focus is art as education, entertainment as well as a way of enriching our lives. Become a founding annual member of Dhvani. We have a number of membership options with benefits and budgets for every family. If your child is learning Carnatic Music or Bharata Natyam you will find many reasons to join. The best artists, top performances in intimate settings, workshops and interactive experiences. This is Dhvani. Join and help make our community rich with diverse cultural experiences…read more

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