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Aruna Sairam

A singer has to pay attention to her aharya pretty much like a dancer, though to a lesser extent. Presentation and presentability are important. Aruna has the ability to appear well co-ordinated on stage—be it her saree, jewellery, nail art, hairdo—every element is well set and fine tuned.


In the mid-sixties I was very much involved with records (78s and later SPs, EPs and LPs), buying, hearing and, writing about them in Telugu and English. Andhrapatrika weekly in Telugu carried Saragamala (named by my guru Malladi Ramakrishna Sastri) - the first regular column in Telugu to review various aspects of gramophone records-including identifying the labels and giving record numbers.
Anandhi & Sarala


I honestly cannot recall when and how I met Anandhi Ramachandran. I was a regular at Kalakshetra programmes and on happy terms with singer-nattuvanars Kamalarani, Bhagavatula Seetharama Sarma and the man I described as second to Nandi as far as dance was concerned, Karaikudi R. Krishnamurthy.

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(Jan 15 – Mar 03, 2019)

Welcome to Dhvani India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio. Our focus is art as education, entertainment as well as a way of enriching our lives. Become a founding annual member of Dhvani. We have a number of membership options with benefits and budgets for every family. If your child is learning Carnatic Music or Bharata Natyam you will find many reasons to join. The best artists, top performances in intimate settings, workshops and interactive experiences. This is Dhvani. Join and help make our community rich with diverse cultural experiences…read more

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