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Centenary Tribute – Sangita Kalanidhi B. Rajam Iyer

B. Rajam Iyer was known for his repertoire of the music trinity and for rendering the Tamil compositions of Arunachala Kavi and the Tiruppavai hymns of Andal, which were set to music by his guru Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar. He was highly religious, and his musical rendering of the Navavarana and Navagraha kritis was much appreciated by everyone.

Athishaya Vara Prasadini

It was a usual Sunday evening on 12 June 2022, and the road to the venue, Ragasudha Hall near Nageswara Rao Park, Mylapore was filled with cars. The hall was packed with art patrons, musicians, rasikas and music students.


TV. Sankaranarayanan, popularly and affectionately known as TVS, was one of the most sought-after and widely acclaimed Carnatic vocalists in the recent past. Hailing from a family of musical geniuses, Sankaranarayanan’s maternal grandfather, Madurai Ramasamy Iyer, was a music scholar, whose brother was the famous Madurai Pushpavanam.


Even before her first formal lesson, a varnam, the young girl had already picked up the corpus of songs that the entire household knew by heart, like Santi nilava vendum, Eppadi paadinaro, Mamava Pattabhirama. The omnipresent melodies flowed into her utterly unconsciously.


A south Indian living in Los Angeles, singing Carnatic music in the Western world defined who Aditya Prakash was, over a decade ago. A disciple of gurus from multiple banis, Aditya has grown over the years and now, has created a niche for himself in the world of Carnatic fusion.


Three generations of ardent connoisseurs of the Kalakshetra Ramayana productions say they feel a thrill when the first lines of the Balakanda of the Ramayana are sung at Kalakshetra’s Sita Swayamvaram in the Ramayana series.


Samuditha Foundation, founded by Carnatic vocalist Saketharaman, with its motto ‘Carnatic music for all’, has found a novel way to meet its objective. Kala Shiksha, the online music school run by the vocalist, provides innovative musical education to urban, suburban and rural children across the country through collaborations with seasoned teachers, who inspire and teach over 250 students, irrespective of caste or religion.


As the night crawls in, a mild mridangam sound rises from one of the walls of the Reserve Bank quarters. A sincere banker and an eager percussionist, Mannarkoil Balaji found a way for his passion and creativity within the confines of reality. Born in a family with no musical lineage, Mannarkoil Balaji today, is one of the most sought after mridangists.


When K.G. Vijayakrishnan retired from The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, as a linguistics professor, in 2017, he wanted to devote all his time, attention, and love to music, taking a permanent break from linguistics.