COVID 19 aka Coronavirus Response

Like all of you, we have also been helplessly, yet carefully watching the rapid progression of the coronavirus threat.  We have proactively postponed all our events through the end of May. Travel, gatherings and their attendant risks are too great to ignore and we believe that we should reach out past the minimum recommendations and rules issued by the Governor of Ohio. Accordingly, we have shifted even our Dhvani Music School classes online and will not have even small gatherings until the threat is past and the risks are mitigated. 

We encourage all of our members and community to use the one weapon we have, namely social distancing, to protect themselves and the greater community.  To that end, we have encouraged all music and dance teachers to take their classes online.  These we believe are the right things to do as well as the most prudent.

In the coming weeks, we will monitor the situation closely and we will communicate as the situation warrants.  We will share music and dance excerpts through our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page.  We will also look into the possibility of unique and uplifting webcasts if the situation warrants it and if it is within our reach to do so. 

To our members, sponsors, partners and to all our artists, we extend our thanks. We fully expect to resume our activities and to be working with you all once this situation is behind us. It is not possible to predict when that might be.  However, we will all know it when we get there.

In the meantime, we urge you all to take care and take prudent actions without fear. Help and support one another as you always will.  Look out for your neighbors and those who are vulnerable. This will be our finest hour. Working together, helping each other and serving the greater community we will come through these uncertain days and weeks with our heads held high.


The Board of Directors

Dhvani India Performing Arts Society of Central Ohio