We Stand With You

It is with deep sadness and anguish that we have all been observing the events surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Our emotions are also mixed with the knowledge that the circumstances and behavior which led to his death are all too common. As we wonder how we can react and respond as premier performing arts and cultural organization, we think we need to start at home. We should reach out to our African-American brothers and sisters, neighbors and colleagues, friends, and school mates and let them know we stand with them. Discrimination and dehumanization are unacceptable to us all.

We support the move by Franklin County to declare racism as a public health crisis. But we know we need to do more if we are to root out the social, economic, and cultural threads that allow the institutional and behavioral racism to endure generationally. We must realize that denial of justice and rights to some is a denial to us all.

We rededicate ourselves to having difficult but constructive conversations within our organization and the community which supports it. We will try to find ways to create awareness, change, and educate each other so we can become more sensitive and work toward a better future for all our fellow citizens. When possible, we will also encourage artists to promote and share with us performances that explore these issues. We will also find ways to open dialog and interactions with communities who are under attack and learn to share their stories.

Dhvani Board of Directors